Seville Table Lamp

The Seville Table Lamp is a captivating masterpiece that effortlessly commands attention, seamlessly blending an array of materials to make a striking design statement in any decor scheme.

This lamp's allure starts with a polished white marble disc, setting the stage for a body crafted from an artful combination of crystal glass and metal, finished in antique brass for an entrancing luminosity. At its summit, a gold-lined opal shade crowns the composition, elevating its aesthetic to sheer perfection while suffusing your surroundings with a vibrant, warm glow.

Radiating both contemporary elegance and inviting warmth, the Seville Table Lamp is a coveted addition that belongs in your living room, bedroom, or office space, infusing each setting with its unique charm.

Shade Height 18 cm

Shade Width 36 cm

Shade Depth 36 cm

Base Height Including Shade 68.8 cm

Base Height 57.3 cm

Base Width 18 cm

Base Depth 18 cm